Sunday, June 7, 2009


Last night it started snowing in Mammoth. Thick, white clouds moved in all around the dorm so that we couldn't see the mountains that surround us. At first it wasn't sticking to the ground, but I woke up this morning to a few inches of accumulation and the snow still falling hard. 

The fog rolling in last night (you can't see it in this picture, but it was snowing)

The dorm in the fog

By around 11 AM, the snow had stopped and was already melting away. There was no more snow on the ground by 1 PM, but it was still visible in the mountains. Now, at about 2:30 in Gardiner, it is bright and sunny outside and it's hard to imagine that it was snowing just a few hours ago! 

The snow on the mountains after it had melted from the ground

The dorm, with Bunsen Peak in the background

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  1. Snow in June?? That's crazy! I hope it doesn't keep you off the trails for too long! I'll send the sunshine your way, darling. Love you!