Saturday, July 11, 2009

Divide Mountain and Grand Prismatic

Today, a big group of people from the dorm hiked Divide Mountain. The trail was very short (1.7 miles each way), wooded, and extremely buggy. There were no vistas on the hike up, and when we got to the top we were all very disappointed. All we saw at the summit (if you can call it that) was trees all around us. To avoid being eaten alive by mosquitos, we hurried back down to the car. 

On top of Divide Mountain

The top wasn't scenic

After that, we headed to climb the hill behind Grand Prismatic to get a view of the amazing colors of that enormous thermal pool. The hike up the hill took less than five minutes, and the views were absolutely amazing! I really want to take my brother, Casey to see this when he visit next week, and would also like to show Colin when he comes back up in a few weeks!

Grand Prismatic

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