Sunday, May 24, 2009

Museum of the Rockies

After I brought my Dad to the airport this morning, I went back to the hotel and tried going back to sleep but couldn't so I eventually just got up. I extended my stay at the hotel by one night and then headed over to the Museum of the Rockies, located on the Montana State University campus. The museum is world renowned for its extensive dinosaur collection. There were also wonderful exhibits on Montana history and Native American history. 

Museum of the Rockies

One of many dinosaur fossils

Fossilized dinosaur eggs

Huge fossilized shell

When I got there, this part of the museum was closed because 60 Minutes was filming a segment at the museum

I left the museum in the early afternoon and headed to downtown Bozeman, which seems like a really fun town. Unfortunately, most stores on Main Street were closed because of the holiday weekend, but I will definitely try and get back here sometime soon. There were lots of really neat little shops and boutiques - including a bookstore, quilt shop, outfitter, and some cute little restaurants. 

Downtown Bozeman

After walking around Bozeman for a while, I headed back to the hotel. Dark clouds were rolling in, and I could tell a storm was coming. I got in just in time and am just enjoying my last night before I will be in the employee dorm in Mammoth. Tomorrow morning I will head back to Mammoth and unpack, go grocery shopping, and get ready to go to the Heritage and Research Center on Tuesday morning to meet my boss and see the facility. I don't know if I will be working Tuesday because my background check hasn't cleared yet. Hopefully it will clear in a day or two so I can start work!

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  1. Ahhhh Bozeman! I have family there, which was the reason for our road trip last October. I can't wait to head back there next month; this time we get to spend a whole week there!