Thursday, May 7, 2009

Many Glacier Fire

This past Sunday (May 3), a small fire damaged the Many Glacier Chalet, adjacent to the Many Glacier Hotel, where I worked during the summer of 2007. Luckily only one room was damaged and the fire did not spread to the hotel, which miraculously survived a forest fire in 1936 thanks to employees' heroic efforts to keep the roof wet with hoses as burning embers swirled through the air. Check out the history of the hotel as well as the story of the fire of '36 at the Glacier Park Foundation website. Check out photos of my summer in Glacier here and here.

Many Glacier Hotel

Below is a promotional video of Many Glacier Hotel and the surrounding area. I admit it's a little cheesy, but check it out if you're curious about the place I probably bore you all talking about.


  1. Losing Many Glacier would be akin to losing the Washington Monument. Thank goodness everything is OK!

  2. I know - it would be a terrible loss. Thank goodness someone noticed the smoke and the fire department arrived on time... I'm surprised they caught it so quickly because of the 12 mile connecting road to Babb!