Wednesday, May 27, 2009

First day of work (kind of)

Today I started my internship at the Yellowstone Heritage and Research Center in Gardiner, MT. To hear about my work experiences, check my other blog, which I am keeping about my internship here. Long story short, the interns’ security clearances haven’t passed yet, so we had a short introduction about what we would be doing and a tour of the HRC before we were free for the day at lunchtime. Today I also found out that there is an intramural NPS softball league and that I will have access to a gym and rec center this summer. 

We were hoping that the security checks would clear this afternoon so that we would be able to work tomorrow, but I just found out that they have not cleared, so I will have the day off. I am really disappointed that I can't start, especially after seeing the amazing facility, but I can't really complain about having a day off in Yellowstone. Me and some of the other interns are planning to do a hike tomorrow, so that should be fun. 

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