Saturday, May 9, 2009


Today, I started the daunting task of packing for Yellowstone. Colin and I pulled all of our hiking and camping equipment out of the crawl space and piled it up in the living room. We have almost enough gear to fill an L.L. Bean catalog! Getting my hiking stuff out got me really excited about all the hiking and exploring I will be doing this summer. It's finally starting to hit me that I will be leaving in only three days. 

Me with all our hiking equipment 
Notice the sweet hiking hat Colin got me for my birthday :)

It seemed fitting to play some David Walburn while we packed. David Walburn is a fantastic singer-songwriter who sings about the West every summer at the Many Glacier Hotel. Colin and I used to go listen to him play pretty often.

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  1. Molly's gonna build a road....goin' to the sun.