Sunday, May 17, 2009

In Jackson at last!

Today we excitedly left Laramie at around 8:45 AM, eager to get through our last day on the road. We continued on I-80 for about 200 miles to Rock Springs, where we picked up Route 191 North towards Jackson. As we left Laramie, we could see snow capped mountains in the distance and eagerly drove toward them. 
Barely visible mountains in the distance

For much of our journey today, the road was very isolated. We drove sometimes up to 20 or 30 miles without seeing a house or building of any kind. With no cell service either, we crossed our fingers that we wouldn't get a flat tire so far from civilization! 

The mountains get closer

We drove through several small towns on Route 191, including Pinedale, where my Dad picked up some new hiking boots at Great Outdoor Shop, a local outfitter. He followed my suggestion to try on the Keen Targhee mid boots, which fit him perfectly and he ended up buying. I have the women's version and absolutely love them and would recommend them to anyone!

A small town along Route 191

As we came within 50 miles of Jackson, the roads began to wind through mountains, bluffs and streams. This incredible scenery was so exciting to see after a 2400 mile drive across mostly flat land and highways! 

Nearing Jackson on scenic 191

After winding through the mountains, we finally drove into Jackson at around 4:30 PM. My Dad and I were way too exhausted to do a hike, so we decided to walk around downtown Jackson and do some touristy stuff tonight so we would have plenty of time for hiking here during the next two days. 

Entering Jackson, WY

Downtown Jackson

We walked around the small, cute downtown area for a little while, enjoying the nice warm spring weather. The town square had really neat arches on all four corners that were made of elk  antlers (which are shed by the elk). We went into a few little gift shops and both got Grand Teton National Park t-shirts. I also got a really neat Grand Teton patch for my hiking pack. We also bought bear spray and a hiking map and some hiking books for Yellowstone and Grand Teton. Then we went to dinner at a place Colin suggested, Mountain High Pizza Pie, a cute little pizza place downtown. 


Antler Arches in Jackson town square

Tomorrow will be a big day. We are going to venture into Grand Teton National Park and do some hiking. Then, if we get back on time, we are going to do a scenic rafting trip at 5:30. It is good to be back in the West, and I am excited to do some exploring tomorrow!

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  1. Hope all goes well with your hiking and your rafting. Your trip sounds so exciting and brings me back to when I made a cross country trip many moons ago. Have fun, both of you. Your mom and I are up TOO LATE but we are having a blast.

  2. Way to go! I'm so happy that y'all made it and am extremely jealous that you are in what I consider the most beautiful part of the country. Enjoy the hiking and floating for all of us; it's 95 with thunderstorms in Tampa today... :(. Take lots of good pictures and have fun!! P.S. the roadtrip pictures you've got so far are great. I especially like the ones of the antler arches in downtown Jackson.

  3. thanks, sue! i am so glad you and my mom are having a great visit!

  4. thanks, colin! we will definitely take lots of pictures today - I am glad you like the ones i have posted - there are many more i will post on facebook in the future... i can't wait till you visit and we can come down to hike in the tetons together!