Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bunsen Peak

Since my security check still hasn't cleared, I had another day off of work today. Me and one of my other not yet working coworkers, Chris, as well as another coworker's boyfriend, Manuel, decided to go on another hike. We chose Bunsen Peak, which starts across the street from the Terrace Mountain Loop we hiked yesterday. The hike was only 4.2 miles, and it was the perfect day for a hike - warm, sunny and barely a cloud in the sky.

Bunsen Peak rises above the trailhead

The trail gained elevation surprisingly fast and soon we had a great view of the Golden Gate Bridge. We entered a section of the mountain that had been burned by a forest fire, possibly the infamous fire of 1988. As we continued up, we had to hike up large snowfields that had not yet melted. 

The Golden Gate Bridge from the trail

Forest burned by fire

More burned forest - notice the butterfly on the plant in the foreground

We had a great view from this clearing

The trail covered in snow

From here, the trail started to switchback steeply. We continued up, crossing many more snowfields that covered the trail. 

One of many switchbacks

Another snowy section of trail

Soon the summit came into view - a round dome covered in red scree. We switchbacked out way up and finally arrived at the summit.

The summit from the bottom of the scree field

The trail climbs up the scree

At the summit, there was a lot of telecommunications equipment - a large telephone pole, several transmitters, and a shed. It definitely blocked some of the view, but what we could see was really beautiful. We had a great view of three snow covered peaks on one side, and Mammoth, Gardiner, and mountains on the other.

Telecommunications equipment at the summit

View from the summit

Another summit shot

 I could clearly see the employee dorms in which I live, and I snapped this picture of them. 

Another summit shot

Me at the summit

After resting for a while at the top of Bunsen Peak, we headed back down. The views were just as beautiful coming down as they were going up. 

The view on the way down

All in all, it was another great hike. We couldn't have asked for better weather, the views were amazing, and the hike was challenging. Since I couldn't work, this was definitely the next best thing.

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  1. I curse the NPS for not removing the outdated Danger - Powerlines warning sign before our aborted hike last week :-)

    Great pics, and yet another reason for me to return. Have a great hike today (Sat).