Monday, May 25, 2009

Getting Situated

Today I got situated in the dorm here in Mammoth Hot Springs, WY, which is five miles from Gardiner, MT where I will work. I did some laundry, decorated my room a little, and got organized. I am feeling better about living in the dorm now. My roommates and coworkers are really nice and easy-going and one of them is even a student at UF. I guess it’s true what they say – UF is in Gainesville, but the gator nation is everywhere… 

Here are some pictures of my dorm and my room. There are a few buffalo that frequent the area right outside the dorm, which is also pretty cool. 

The Dorm

The shared kitchen, which consists of 4 mini kitchen areas

My room

I put up this Yellowstone map. I am going to mark all the trails I hike this summer.

My and most of my coworkers' federal background checks haven't cleared yet, but we are supposed to report to work tomorrow to meet everyone and see the Heritage and Research Center. I am hoping my background check will clear soon so I can get started!

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