Friday, May 29, 2009

My Daily Commute

First of all, let me wish my brother Casey a very happy birthday! Interestingly, as we were born only 11 months apart, this marks the beginning of the one month per year that Casey and I are the same age. I hope you have a great birthday, brother!

After two days of beautiful hiking, I am taking a rest day today so that my legs will be fresh tomorrow for another hiking adventure. I figured I would share photos of my commute from where I live in Mammoth Hot Springs, WY inside Yellowstone Park to Gardiner, MT, where I work, get my mail, and check my email. It is an amazing drive, and beats commuting in Gainesville any day! The distance between Mammoth and Gardiner is 5 miles. The drive winds down through a hilly green canyon along the Gardiner River. 

I start by going through the tiny town of Mammoth, where the park headquarters are located. I pass the Mammoth Terraces, Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel, the NPS visitor's center, Old Fort Yellowstone, and the post office. Mammoth is a really cute little town.

The Mammoth Terraces, as seen from downtown Mammoth

The historic Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel

The NPS Albright Visitor's Center in Mammoth

Mammoth Post Office

Elk grazing in Mammoth - a very common sight (there are usually buffalo grazing, too)

After passing Mammoth, the road winds downhill toward Gardiner. The drive is incredibly scenic, and these pictures don't do it justice!

Just outside Mammoth, heading towards Gardiner

Leaving WY for MT a mile or two outside Mammoth

About halfway to Gardiner, the road crossed the 45th parallel

Gardiner can be seen in the distance

Main Street in Gardiner

The rest of Main Street in Gardiner

The iconic Roosevelt Arch - for more information on the arch, click here

The view from Main Street in Gardiner

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  1. just a brief comment..
    that isn't a mule deer...
    see the white bottom...... the oval shape

    that is an Elk ... or Wapiti

    How Blessed you are to live and work in this piece of paradise..
    We will be vacationing there in a few weeks

  2. That beats the hell out of a drive up University Ave. any day of the week!

  3. thanks sheri! i fixed it in my post, and that is great to know! have a great vacation here! i am happy to hear you will be enjoying the park this summer! enjoy your time here!